What qualifications are needed for protecting nature ?

1) CURATOR (Hassan Souheil)

My role : To put in place and coordinate the activities necessary for accomplishing the mission allocated to the Reserve

My responsibilities : To coordinate, administer and plan

My job description :

- I draw up the annual management plan, which is the blueprint document for predicting the evolution of the ecosystems represented in the Reserve and the measures needed for their protection and conservation. I am ultimately responsible for all the environmental management.
- I represent the Reserve in contacts with outside partners.
- I prepare or take part in the preparation of the scientific programmes.
- I am responsible for the management of the Reserve's staff.
- I carry out administrative and financial monitoring.

On a daily basis : My time is divided between meetings, the office and the site. I need to have a strong scientific background and an aptitude for negotiating.

2) GUARD-TECHNICIAN (Aude Doumenge)

My role : To ensure the surveillance of the protected area and the safety of visitors, to carry out maintenance work and scientific monitoring on site and to monitor the Reserve's administration and accounts

My responsibilities : Surveillance and maintenance

My job description :

- I am responsible for the surveillance of the Reserve (fire prevention and other risks, watching over the vulnerable species…)
- I note breaches of the regulations (summonses, confiscation). I am commissioned by the Ministry of the Environment and have taken an oath, allowing me police powers. I act under the responsibility of the Prosecutor of the Republic of France.
- I inform the public of the regulations in force.
- I monitor the scientific experiments on the ponds and everything living on the Reserve.
- I maintain the site (cleaning the ponds, mending the paths, repairing damaged signposts).
- I keep the Reserve's accounts.
- I am responsible for daily administrative tasks.

On a daily basis : I divide my time between the site proper and the office, according to the priorities of the moment. I need to have a thorough knowledge of the terrain and good powers of observation. I am learning the best techniques for the upkeep of green spaces.


My role : Raising the awareness of the local population - young people and not so young - about the problems of managing and protecting nature and encourage the Reserve to be fully integrated in the local social and economic fabric.

My responsibilities : Helping people to discover the Reserve, to look after it and to know that our association exists.

My job description :

- I work out programmes for visits (themes, circuits etc.) so that the natural treasures of the Reserve will be revealed to visitors and they will understand how vital it is to preserve them. This necessitates the preparation of teaching material or guides, which are either designed by someone under my direction or entirely by myself. This material consists of information leaflets, games, comics, etc…
- I design and develop communications tools (information bulletin, brochures, folders, internet site) and organize the Reserve's events (exhibitions, slide shows, forums, open days, etc.) These are aimed at explaining the action we are taking to protect and manage the Roque-Haute Reserve.
- I maintain relations with the media (press releases and folders, etc…).
- I build up and maintain our contacts with several networks of people working in the environmental field, especially on education on the environment and the management of rural habitats. Here the methods are cooperation and exchanges of visits.

On a daily basis : My time is spent between the office and meetings. Many of my tasks depend on and are simplified by my computer, both in the drafting of innumerable documents and the design of information material. I have to be a person with a strong desire to communicate !


My role : Collecting, processing and interpreting scientific data to understand the habitat and what is happening in it better and to decide which measures can be taken to manage the ecology correctly.

My responsibilities : Coordinating and carrying out scientific experiments.

My job description :

- I set up and carry out programmes to monitor the ecological aspects of the Reserve.
- I help to prepare the management plan and other documents.
- I help in management work carried out on the site.
- I assist any scientists visiting the site.
- I collaborate as actively as possible in any research progammes concerning the site.
On a daily basis : My time is divided between field work and the office. I enter and process the data gathered on the site by electronic methods (the Geographic Information System, etc.) I need to have a sound knowledge of the natural world, be practically- and technically-minded and have good contacts with the scientific world.

- Like to know more?: Request a copy of "Des professionnels de la nature " published by the Réserves Naturelles de France !

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